Gutter the Movie
Joseph A. Elmore Jr.

A mysterious man named Paul arrives in Houston and with the help of a woman, becomes the biggest pimp in the city. Paul gets off of a bus in the part of Houston known as THE TRACK. They call it THE TRACK because it is close to the railroad tracks and it is where you can find the prettiest hookers. For days Paul stays at the bus stop, watching the streets close to THE TRACK, leaving only to wash up in a fast food restaurant bathroom and get food.

All day he watches the women make their money. All night he sees more. Finally he discovers what he has been looking for. ICE is pretty, confident and apparently the most successful Hooker on The Track. One day Paul wakes up to a pimp, beating on Ice, trying to force her to work for him. Paul comes to the rescue and Ice decides to take him off the streets and turn Paul into the pimp that he was destined to be.

First she introduces Paul to THE DIAMONDS (five of the sexiest, most charismatic hookers you will ever meet), and then she takes him to the Barbershop where the pimps congregate and talk that pimp life. This is where Platinum learns how to be a pimp. Ice continues to teach Paul the ways of the streets, before finally, styling his hair and putting him in the freshest clothes that a pimp can wear. When the class is complete and Paul has graduated, Ice gives him the name PLATINUM.

Platinum takes to the streets like a fish to water, quickly becoming the top pimp in the city, until one night while making his rounds, Platinum runs into the mother who left him, all alone as a child, never to be heard from again. He wants answers that she refuses to give.

Paul leaves his mother and returns to the track with an anger inside of him that he has not felt in years. It is there, where he sees MINK (one of his Diamonds), arguing with a young drug dealer named SPONG.

Platinum, still reeling from his confrontation with his mother, kills Sponge, unnecessarily. Now Sponges uncle, known as “THE WORD” who is also the most dangerous drug dealer in the city wants revenge.

Ice is kidnapped, her father is murdered and Mink is beaten to the point where her face is unrecognizable. The Word, known for keeping his word under any circumstance, wants half a million dollars or Ice is dead.

In order to get the money in a short amount of time, Platinum is forced into an unlikely alliance with a drug addict named Jewel. Together Platinum, Jewel and her two friends KENYA and RICO plot to rob a rich powerbroker named LENNY, who’s family is more dangerous than THE WORD. Things go bad when the girls kill Lenny and double cross Platinum, leaving Platinum with no money to save Ice and another dangerous family out for revenge.

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